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Rental Property Purchase Strategy - Talk with Phil.       
My Real Estate Purchase and Renovation (Flip) business partner moved to Arizona about 3 years ago.  So far he has had excellent returns.  Using what some Call the BRRR method.  

I have been hoping he could find fix and flip properties for me but we are just not finding properties that fit the 70% of ARV minus costs criteria I desire to rigidly follow.  

But, he is finding rental properties which can be with what I call 10 percent "Virtual Equity" for those with a 2 year or more hold horizon.  

These properties can even carry themselves after debt servicing and projected costs and expenses.    

Click here to watch a short video about the opportunity.... 


I discuss what Phil is more in the next video.    

However, Phil is finding... properties which:    

a. Rental Properties which may carry themselves or (or very close to it after expenses and debt servicing.) 
B. Are projected to have very low future repair and maintenance costs
C. Have the potential for above market appreciation in 2020 and beyond. 
D.  Can be purchased with $30,000 or more in "virtual" equity.   (Explained in the during your strategy Session.)    

* These  strategies are  designed for qualified investors.  Lenders  are going to require you to have  25% down payment to close on these properties and we believe you are going to want to have a 2 year to 20 year hold.    

Home Buyer's Advantage Referral Program

1. Pre-Negotiate your winning offer with the listing agent.

2.  Leverage the buyer's agent commissions to capture a significant percentage of the Realtor commissions for yourself. 

3.  We can refer your purchase to the Listing agent and share the Referral Fee with you. 

4. If at any time you wish to work with a buyer's agent we can refer you to the best agent we finding using our selection methods or the Realtor of Your Choice.

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Sell for Top Dollar and the Highest Net... Hire the  Best Local Agent at a Discount

You select the agent of your choice or have us help you select the best listing agent  in your area and we negotiate $5,000 to $20,000 off in your real estate commissions.  

You will therefore have the very best chance for selling for the highest price buyers will pay and putting the most of your equity in your pocket. 

Don't settle for discount brokers when we can help you hire the best at discount broker commissions.  

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Home Seller's Workshop 

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Founded by California licensed attorney and real estate broker John McConnin  to help you add value to your real estate whether you are a buyer, a seller or both.   


Attorney Home Services is founded by real estate Attorney and Broker John McConnin.  Our goal, since our first client many years ago, is to add value to every step of your real estate purchase or sale (or both).

John has been an attorney in California since 1991 and a real estate broker in California since 2004.
McConnin & Company Realty has has sold over 200 homes in North County, East County and San Diego County as well as, Orange County, L.A. County and other California Counties.

 As part of his real estate advice and coaching program John has referred dozens of clients to some of the best local agents in Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, the North East and Colorado (to name a popular referral areas).

The California Association of Realtors selected John to train Realtors and a variety of subjects including Multiple Offer Negotiations and we believe proper Multiple offer negotiations is the key to your success.

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Adding Value to Your Real Estate

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